Social Media Dependency

Social Media, Device, and Internet Dependency

“Why can’t I stop scrolling? Why do I compulsively reach for my phone and check it?”

Social media and the internet were designed to hit on the pleasure centers of our brains, just like addiction, and keep our attention as long as possible. While there are many positive aspects of being connected through our technology there is also a downside to which many people are not aware. 

Often, people do not realize that an unhealthy relationship with social media, their devices, gaming, and the internet impacts their mental, emotional and even physical health. The negative psychological impacts of social media use, device dependence and internet addiction include:

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Maybe you’ve asked yourself if your addicted to social media, your phone/device, the internet. If you’re asking there is probably a problem. Maybe you’ve been given feedback that your use of these things is getting in the way of your work, relationships, or responsibilities.  Studies show that the more hours a person spends online the more their mental health declines.

There are ways to have a healthier relationship with social media and your phone. Cyber-Wellness is a practical approach to your relationship with social media and technology. A Holistic approach emphasizes safety, awareness, and respect in navigating a healthy relationship with technology use. It addresses needs for physical, psychological, communal, emotional, spiritual, and occupational well-being and the importance of a balanced life while using social media and Internet technologies.

People are often surprised at how difficult a challenge it is to change their behavior with their device alone. They feel a compulsion to look at it that overrides all logic. I provide support for navigating the difficult issues related to the overuse of media, phones, computers and create a personalized plan to have a relationship where you feel in control, rather than being controlled. You can take charge of your life again!

The Benefits of Treating Social Media, Device and Internet Addiction

While I’m located in Ashland, OR, I offer online counseling for social media dependency to residents of Oregon, Georgia and Washington.

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