Therapy for Self-Esteem & Perfectionism

Self-Esteem & Perfectionism

How do I know if I have issues with self-esteem, or perfectionism?

Self-Esteem Counseling

One of the most profound determinants of how we experience our lives is what we believe about ourselves. Perfectionism and self-esteem are often connected. You’ve got extremely high expectations of yourself.  Perfectionism means you HAVE to get things right the first time or else you’re swallowed by feelings of failure and fears of rejection. Perfectionism is an endless, fruitless cycle that only leaves you feeling terrible about yourself-leading to poor self-esteem.

Perfectionism or poor self-esteem can prevent you from being your authentic self.  I teach the practice of self-compassion, a powerful tool for healing and growth. Developing self-worth and the ability to manage perfectionist tendencies and finding your authentic self is possible and will change your life. Reach out so we can work together to uncover your true self and your sense of self-worth. You can change your life.

The Benefits of Treating Perfectionism & Self-Esteem Issues

While I’m located in Ashland, OR, I offer online therapy for self-esteem and perfectionism to residents of Oregon, Washington, Georgia and Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy can support you in addressing the burden of setting impossible standards for yourself that lead to low self-esteem. Counseling can help understand the roots of why you feel the way you feel about yourself and support you in making changes in your thinking and behavior. There are ways that you can be more confident, question yourself less and stop comparing yourself constantly to others.

Therapy can help you develop realistic standards to evaluate yourself on, rather than constantly judge. You can still achieve goals without perfectionism. Therapy will help support you in setting and reaching your goals, enabling you to feel good about yourself and your accomplishments. Therapy and coaching will help you examine and change some of the core beliefs that are holding you back from the life that you want to live.

Frequently anxiety is a major component of both perfectionism and self-esteem issues. We specialize in working with anxiety of all kinds and support you in finding the path to feeling how you want to feel about yourself and your life.

Therapy will help you to re-examine what you base your self-worth on and how and why you evaluate yourself the way that you do. Frequently there are underlying emotional patterns that have led to these harmful ways of thinking. We often develop these ways of thinking, feeling and behaving without realizing that we are doing so. We work together to support you in understanding your patterns first, looking at the ones that you want to change and then implement a variety of evidence-based therapies to support you in making the changes.

Therapy rates for Self-Esteem and Perfectionism are the same as rates for other therapy. Your insurance may be able to cover your therapy. Schedule a consultation.

If you are struggling with the need to get it right, every time. If you are unable to make any mistakes, then you could benefit from counseling or coaching to support you in managing the failures and mistakes that are an inevitable part of life.

Therapy for self-esteem and perfectionism, as with all other types of therapy, depends on how long you have been suffering and how ingrained your patterns of thinking and behaving are. Counseling can be shorter term if that’s what it takes or longer if you are really struggling. My goals is to support you in your needs and get you to a place where support from counseling or coaching is no longer needed.

Ask yourself do you:

  • Feel unloved, unwanted, or worthless?
  • Feel incompetent or otherwise unrealistic about your abilities?
  • Are you overwhelmed with negative thoughts, emotions or fear?
  • Are you drawn to destructive relationships?
  • Do you have a distorted view of self and others?
  • Do you have unrealistic or perfectionist goals? And are then angry when you don’t meet those goals?
  • Do you have a fear of change?
  • Do you have an overwhelming fear of “failure” of any kind?
  • Do you believe that if you get things “right”, things (relationships, job, life) will get better?
  • Do you think you just have to try harder, and you will have the life you want?

If you answer yes to these questions, then you are likely to benefit from therapy or coaching to address the underlying issues effecting how you feel about yourself. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule a consultation directly.

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