Improve Your Quality of Life With Personal Growth Counseling

Personal growth is a lifelong journey.

Whether you feel lost on your journey, or simply haven’t figured out where you want to be yet, guidance through personal growth counseling can help.

Uncover Your True Passions

I guide you in your journey to uncover desires, passions, and dreams, perhaps buried so deeply it would be almost impossible to find your way back to them on your own. Counseling and coaching can support you in attaining what is truly important to you. 

As we move through life, it’s easy to fall into habits that can cause us to lose our way. Learn how to understand and move past the patterns that keep you from living your most meaningful life.

What is Personal Growth Counseling?

Personal growth is a process of self-exploration and skill-building. Honing these skills can drastically improve a person’s overall quality of life. Personal growth counseling can be applied to all aspects of a person; emotional, social, mental, physical, and spiritual.

I use many aspects of coaching and counseling to improve awareness and self-understanding. This self-reflection, in turn, allows you to nurture your relationships and sharpen your abilities. We create an action plan together that’s unique to your needs.

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What Are the Benefits of Personal Growth Counseling?

Personal growth counseling can help you with self-understanding, increase capacity for achievement, and simply allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. Some of the experiences clients have had include:

Reap the personal-growth benefits that counseling and coaching can provide. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal growth is what happens when you get to know who you really are and start to live your life from that knowledge.

Personal Growth is about moving from surviving to thriving. Personal growth and development counseling offers a unique opportunity to look at life, define you’re your passions are and give guidance on how you can grow, develop and live happier life.  
  • Improve self-awareness.
  • Improve self-knowledge.
  • Improve skills and learn new ones.
  • Build identity and enhance self-esteem.
  • Develop strengths or talents.
  • Improve a career.
  • Identify and improve potential.

First, we will support you in defining your needs, goals, and desired outcomes. Second, we explore what are the potential blocks to your growth. After insight, we focus on supporting you in real change. We then implement specific therapeutic tools to support you in changing old patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving.

We have the experience, tools and training to help you get where you want to go including:

Personal growth counseling helps you identify the roadblocks in your life that keep you from moving forward and meeting your goals. Counseling and focusing on your growth will help you organize your life, and lead to a change in your perspective and the way you view things and experiences. This change in perspective leads to seeing how to navigate the blocks. 

The counseling process can:

  • Give you a supportive, non-judgmental space to explore your dreams, values and ideas
  • Give the foundation you already have in your life structure and support, while you explore new ways in which you can build upon your life
  • Give you a “road map” to get you where you want to be in life
  • You realize your skills, passions and successes


Potential areas to address:

  1. Health
  2. Confidence
  3. Focus
  4. Communication
  5. Relationship and Dating
  6. Career
  7. Vision/Purpose
  8. Happiness
  9. Productivity
  10. Positive Mindset
  11. Motivation
  12. Stress Management and Meditation
  13. Goal setting

Personal growth counseling rates are the same as rates for other therapy. Your insurance may be able to cover your therapy. Schedule a consultation. 

Personal growth work can be a short-term process if you have a clear idea about what you want to work on. Counseling to understand and uncover deeper issues or blocks to your desired areas of growth and then implement and sustain change can be longer term. How long the process takes is a collaborative process between you and the therapist.

Here are some great questions to ask to see if you might need support for personal growth:

  1. Why am I thinking about an issue or problem regularly or on a daily basis and haven’t been able to reach a solution or conclusion? Why am I thinking the same thoughts about what’s happening repeatedly?
  2. Am I living up to your values? Or do I need to clarify what my values are and then get support in living in my values?
  3. Why am I feeling stuck personally?
  4. Why am I feeling stuck professionally?
  5. Why am I feeling stuck in relationships?
  6. Why can’t I be the person I want to be? How can I become the person I know I can be?
  7. Why do I keep repeating the same patterns?
  8. Why do I change my habits, behaviors or patterns?
  9. Why do feel this way? What can I do about how I’m feeling?

Personal growth counseling with Center of Balance Counseling helps you find insight into important questions and supports you in creating real and lasting change.

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