Areas of Specialty

traum & PTSD

Trauma & PTSD

Past trauma can impact how you think, feel, function and behave in relationships. You can heal the past and live in the present.
grief counseling

Grief & Loss

You don’t know how to handle your grief or loss, neither do your loved ones. There is help. There is a way through.
Therapy for Stress & Burnout

Stress & Burnout

Dreading what you need to do is Burnout. Chronic stress affects our health- mental, emotional & physical. Learn tools to manage stress & overcome burnout.
Therapy for Self - esteem

Perfectionism & Self Esteem

Perfectionism and low self esteem can keep you from your goals and authentic feelings of happiness. It doesn’t have to.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

You're worried, a lot. You can't stop obsessive, often negative thoughts. You feel overwhelmed. Your heart races and you're sweating. There is help.
Counseling for social media addiction

Social Media Dependency

You can’t stop checking it, even though you want to. You have a relationship with social media. Make it a healthy one.
Therapist in Portland


Deepen into self-acceptance, develop and embrace your identity, and relate to others authentically.
Therapist in Portland

Other Specialties

Body Image Distress, Chronic Illness & Pain, Depression, Codependency, Relationships

Personal Growth

Personal growth is a lifelong journey. You may need support finding direction to fulfill your goals and dreams, counseling & coaching can help.

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