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Worn Down from Struggle?

Living with anxiety can make every day extremely difficult. If you’re experiencing life as an uphill battle and it’s hard to keep going, there is help. With the right support, you can find the path back to balance. I specialize in treatment for stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Haunted by the Past?

Trauma and PTSD can keep you re-living the events of the past and expecting the same things to re-occur in the future. Trauma can limit your possibilities and keep you from stepping into your potential. It doesn’t have to. I specialize in treating symptoms of trauma and PTSD with evidence-based somatic based therapies.

Seeking your Authentic Self?

Do you want to learn to feel comfortable in your own skin? Have you been attempting to live up to an image of yourself and feel you’ve lost touch with who you truly are? Are you ready to see what you’re truly capable of? I specialize in coaching and therapy to help you learn how to discover your authentic self.

Are you put together on the outside?
Feel there’s something missing inside?

Are you struggling?
Do your feelings and behaviors feel out of your control?

Does it seem impossible to understand why? Integrated understanding of how mind, body and emotions interact along with learning new skills can help. I use neuroscience-based research to inform my somatic and holistic approach, teaching tools to work with the past and face challenges in the present.

Heal from the past.  Find freedom from struggle.

Grow in confidence. Thrive in your life and relationships.


Somatic & Mindfulness Therapy

Our bodies hold on to stress, tension and past traumas that can manifest as various mental, physical, and emotional symptoms. Somatic therapy supports healing by addressing the root causes underlying stuck patterns of thinking and behavior at the level of the nervous system.

Mindfulness, or the practice of self-awareness, builds bridges in different parts of the brain, and allows for new possibilities in emotional patterns and access to new choices, creating changes in thinking and behavior.

Current research shows that using mindfulness and somatic therapies are especially beneficial when working with depression, anxiety, trauma by healing past patterns and creating new neural pathways.

Change is possible in a way you haven’t imagined yet.

I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation.
Find out how my services can help you.

YOU Are Welcome

About Center of Balance

This is an inclusive practice.

My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  I work with communities and subcultures that are marginalized. I provide a non-judgmental empathetic space to support discussing challenging and often taboo subjects, allowing you to address the difficult, challenging, or traumatic parts of your experiences in the world.

All of who you are is respected and welcomed here.

why work with me?

Tools for the Whole You

My approach is based on holistic, integrative, evidenced-based, and body-centered therapies including EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Mindfulness.

I draw from the relevant neuroscientific research. We work to create deeper understanding of behaviors and experiences and remove the obstacles that can block the healing process.

Find the freedom of having balance on the inside.
Radiate confidence outside.


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Relieve Stress, Find Your Balance

I help clients find their inner peace and regain confidence. Our bodies hold onto trauma in ways we might not expect. I work with a variety of methods to help treat many issues.

I also have experience addressing a wide range of other issues. With the right support system, you can gain insight into your life, regain balance, and learn how to make healthier decisions.

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